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Kodo Millet Whole Grain | 1 kg

Nutrition Facts :

100g of our unpolished Kodo Whole Grain Millet contains 354kcals, 15.8g of Protein, 65g of Carbs, 9g of fibre, 3.8mg of iron, and 2.9mg of zinc for a revitalizing energy boosting meal.


  • Our processing techniques guarantee that all our grains are 100% unpolished, making them nutritionally dense.
  • Supergrains like Kodo Millet boost your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, leading to improved gut health, regulated blood sugar, and a fit, light, and energetic feeling.
  • Millets are naturally resistant to pests due to their husk (shell).
  • Soaking is required for a minimum of 6-8 before cooking to make cooking and digestion easier.
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Kodo Millet Muruku | 200 gms

Our Kodo murukus are a unique blend of nutrients, with the taste of yummy sesame and chilli. 

Richness in Iron and Protein. Great snack for the health conscious and the foodies.

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Kodo Millet Chivda | 200 gms

Our Kodo chivda is a snack for everyone to enjoy. A savory delight with flavor and health, enriched with cashews, chana and groundnuts. It serves as a great snack option for diabetic patients as well. Richness in Iron, phosphorus and protein with low glycemic index.A healthy snack time treat that will have you reaching for more, enjoy the goodness of a healthy chivda mix.

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7 Millet Superfood Khichidi Mix

7 Millet Superfood Khichidi Mix is a nutritious blend consisting of seven different types of millets, which make up 70% of the mixture. The millets included are Sorghum, Finger Millet, Pearl Millet, Little Millet, Proso Millet, Kodo Millet, and Barnyard Millet. Additionally, the mix contains Sesame, Cumin, and Green gram, providing a well-rounded combination of flavors.

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