Foxtail Millet Whole Grain | 1 kg - Mibbles

Foxtail Millet Whole Grain | 1 kg


Nutrition Facts :

Enjoy a powerful energy boost and long-lasting fullness with 100g of our delectable unpolished Foxtail Whole Grain, packed with 334kcals, 13.9g of protein, 62g of Carbs, 8g of fiber, 3.2mg of iron, and 3.6mg of zinc!


  • Our processing techniques guarantee that all our grains are 100% unpolished, making them nutritionally dense.
  • Supergrains like Foxtail Millet enhance your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, leading to improved gut health, regulated blood sugar, and a fit, light, and energetic feeling.
  • Millets are naturally resistant to pests due to their husk (shell).
  • Soaking is required for a minimum of 6-8 before cooking to make cooking and digestion easier.

Cooking Instructions


Rinse : Add a cup of Browntop Whole Grain Millets to a bowl, wash once and rinse.

Soak : Add 2:1 glass of water & Browntop millets to a bowl and soak for 6 hours.

Boil : Pour the millets soaked with water to a cooking pot on a medium flame.

Simmer : Cover the Pot with a tight lid and let it simmer for 15 mins.

Serve : Turn off the flame &ready to serve in 10 minutes.



Try Foxtail Whole Millet Whole Grain today!

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